Washington Class of 1972 40 years ago we knew how to have fun!
Cheryl Kim RObin
Robin and Lynne
Sandy Dan Lori Kristen Deb Robin
Carolyn Kim
Judy Hofstad Melham et al
Jefferson Grade School Boys
LeeAnn and Bill
Chris and Kristi
Greg Kristi
POW3 plus Bill
Bob David
Greg Luanne Boldts
Larry Bruce  Wife
Kristen plus 4
Kent Dan
Laura  Mike2
Bill Kristen
Dave Bobbi Kelly
Great Bear Deck2
Steve Morgan2
Jan Smith2
Steve and Robin
Great Bear Deck1
Sue Kent Chip
Pam Karen Don
Bar Shot Dan Houk
Kristen Jan Lana

What a Weekend!

40 years after our senior year of high school we proved that we still know how to have a great time!

Our 40 year reunion was filled with 2 evenings of great food, spectacular music, and plenty of time to catch up with friends.

Please continue to register your current contact information, especially an email address, so we can stay in touch.

Stay in Touch!

Main Events We had a blast at these

70's Nite at Strawbale Winery

Friday, June 29, 2012
5:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Strawbale Winery • 47215 257th Street Renner, SD

Thanks to winemaker and classmate Don South and his wife, Susie, everyone had a great time at their winery located just a few miles north of Sioux Falls.

We enjoyed live music from the 70's and great food and beverages, but most of all we enjoyed catching up with friends. About 40 of us crashed the Lincoln 40 Year Reunion at the downtown Holiday Inn at the end of the evening and then shut down Stogeez Bar on Phillips Avenue in downtown Sioux Falls. Fun, fun, fun!

Be sure to check out the photos here and on our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/169140929802465/.

Food and Fun at Great Bear Chalet

Saturday, June 30, 2012
6:00 PM – 12 Midnight
Great Bear Recreation Area • 5901 East Rice Street

The weather was perfect for the hot air balloon rides provided by classmate Mark West and his wife, Kay. We also ejoyed fantastic music with the Hegg Brothers, great food and libations, and an amazing venue!  The lodge at Great Bear was absolutely perfect for a beautiful summer evening in Sioux Falls.

Be sure to check out the photos here and on our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/169140929802465/.


ANNOUNCEMENTS Classmate News &

Looking Ahead to 2017!

JL Harley

The general consensus at this year's reunion was to have another one in five years so we're looking ahead to 2017. Jim and Lon Entenman, owners of J&L Harley Davidson, have offered to host the Saturday evening event at their dealership. There has been a lot of discusion about inviting Lincoln and OGorman to join us for the Saturday evening activities. We'll choose dates and make some final decisions after meeting with their committee members.

Friday night we will definitely be together enjoying our time as Washington72 classmates. With this much lead time we should be able to secure a spot at the Washington Pavilion, either the 3rd floor reception area or the Great Hall stage. The Pavilion staff does a great job with food and beverages and it will be fun to be partying in our old school (again!) but this time we won't need to be concerned about being expelled. For those of you who haven't been in the old school since it was remodeled, here's a photo of our old auditorium:

WashPavGreat Hall 140

A Few Thoughts About Staying in Touch

Now that we've spent hundreds of hours finding each other we really don't want to lose touch and have to do that all over again. We've had some requests to share email and other contact information but won't do that unless we have obtained permission.

Our website allows us the opoortunity to create email addresses that could be used exclusively for classmate to classmate communication. It's easy to add another address to an inbox and if we went this route no one would need to worry about cluttering up the mailboxes they use for work or for personal communication. We only have email addresses for about a third of our classmates but we're guessing that another third regularly use the internet to communicate.

We'd probably use a simple system for the addresses, like This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We also have a washington72 page on facebook although it's been infiltrated by some Lincoln friends. You can see who is in the group but can't view the posts unless you join. The page was set up by Kristen Eggebraaten Koob but any current member can bring you into the group as long as you are on facebook. It doesn't cost anything to set up a facebook page or to join our group.

We'd like feedback so please let us know what you think about these ideas. Thanks and please stay in touch! You can reach us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

SNAPSHOTS* Reunion Highlight

Chris Sandvig, Kristi Grevlos

Chris and Kristi 140

Greg Bucknell, Kristi Grevlos

Greg Kristi 140

Steve Morgan Lounging at Strawbale Winery

Steve Morgan2 140

Pam Fladmark, Karen Johnson, Don South

Pam Karen Don 140

Jefferson Boys: Monty, Steve, David, Curt, Dave, Steve

Jefferson Grade School Boys 140

Kent Alberty and Dan Parker

Kent Dan 140

Ron DeWit with Laura Davis

Ron and Laura 140

Steve Olmstead and Darla Lambert

Steve Olmstead Darla 140

Gregg Cady, Randy & Kristen Koob

Gregg Randy Kristen 140

Barb T, Carol Schulte, Dan Houck

Bar Shot Dan Houk 140

Kelly Krug, Deb Krug, Candy Cain, Colleen Johnson

Great Bear Deck2 140

Laura Davis, Mike Anderson at Strawbale Winery

Laura  Mike2 140

Steve and Shelly Morgan, Scott Vanderwaal

Steve Shelly Scott 140

Jan Smith Shatter at Strawbale

Jan Smith2

Carolyn Froke, Kim Johnson

Carolyn Kim 140

Bob Blackman, Bruce Thalhuber

Bob and Bruce 140

Robin Herrera, Lynne Bohlman

Robin and Lynne 140

Gregg Cady, Lori Boldt, LuAnne Alberty

Greg Luanne Boldts 140

Kristen Eggebraaten Aloft at Great Bear Lodge

Kristen Afloat 140

Kathy Flakus, Roxi Erickson, (Kent A), Lana White

Kathy Roxi Lana 140

Suzanne Tillema with Mark Plagman at Great Bear

Suzanne Mark 140

Phyllis and Bruce Thalhuber

Phyllis Bruce 140

LeeAnn Knutson at Strawbale

LeeAnn Knutson 140

Monty Loudenslager at Great Bear

Monty 140

Suzanne Tillema, Judy Hofstad

Judy Hofstad Melham et al 140

David Lillehaug and Brian Crary

Bob and Dave 140

Crowd Shot Saturday Evening at Great Bear Ski Lodge

Crowd Shot at Great Bear 140

Norene Sundet with Susan Funge at Strawbale

Norene Sundet and Susan Funge 140

Craig Cooksley Chatting at Strawbale Winery

Craig Cooksley 140

Larry Person at Strawbale

Larry Person 140

Dave Lower and Bobbi Lower

Dave Bobbi Lighter 140

Hettianne Christensen at Strawbale

Hetti 140

Balloon Glow at Great Bear Ski Lodge

Balloon Glow2 140

Doreen Johnson, Mark West, Doug Alvine

Colleen Mark Doug 140

Anson Yeager, Judy Hofstad, Dan Parker, & Many More

Judy Hofstad Dan Parker Crowd Shot 140

Mike Thompson with Steve and Shelly Morgan

Mike Steve Shelly 140

Sue Walker with Kent Alberty at Strawbale Winery

Sue Walker Kent Alberty Chip Walker 140

Cheryl GIlberts, Kim Johnson

Cheryl Kim 140

Kelly Krug & Deb Masters Krug

Kelly Deb 140

Steve Mills at Strawbale Winery

Steve Mills 140

(Balloon Crew), Gail Cherrington, Patti Nesje

Gail Cherrington Patti Nesje 140

Linda Wiebers, Carol Gjere on Deck

Linda Wiebers and Carol Gjere 140

Sandy Paulson, Dan Houck, Lori Lawrence

Sandy Dan Lori 140

Kristen E, Deb Soderberg, Robin Herrera

Kristen Deb Robin 140

Tim Boldt Chilling Out at Strawbale Winery

TIm Boldt 140

Bill Wilson, Kristen Eggebraaten

Bill Kristen 140

Patti N, Gail C, Darla Lambert

Patti, Gail, Darla 140

Bill Jensen, Paul Elgethun @LHS Party

Bill Jensen, Rich Coplow, Paul Elgethun

*Special Thanks to Hetti Christensen Cekalla and Shelly Morgan for most of these great photos!