Who’s Coming from OGHS?

Dan Loveland

Lian Anderson Zea

Dan Barnett and Deborah Nobler                                                             

Mark Barnett

Cheri Barr Keena

Nancy Bassing Baxter

Annie Bechtold and Jon Stalheim                                                     

Tim and Sharon Bendt Clausen                                               

Becky Berke

Martha Dargen

Bill and Margie Davis                                                                    

Deanne Derr Benson

June Dix Wheeler Larson

John Donahoe

Ann Donohue Greenwood

Pat Dougherty

Elaine Dunn Ottiniano

Terry and M. Catherine Dunn Crandall                                        

Jackie Flanery Hill

Kevin and Rita Gallagher                                                          

Dwight and Patty Hall McElhaney                                                   

Dave and Chris Hallem Nielsen                                               

Curt and Barb Harris

Tom Hayes

Peggy Enderson Hayes

Randy Headrick

Joan Hendricksen Cota

Craig and Katie Hurley Halverson

John Keena                                                   

Rickand Donna Kiley                                                                           

Todd and Lynn Kirby Jones                                                            

Mark Kreitzer

Kathy Thoen Kreitzer

Bill and Mary Beth Larson Axlund                                               

Mary Lien

Dan Loveland

Bill Marsh

Margaret Meyer Fisher

Suzanne Miller

Jeff and Julie Murray                                                                       

Curt and Mary Jean Ness Otterness                                               

Marjorie Peterson

Roland Pierce

Mary Oliver Pierce

Jack Reeve

Patricia Reiter

Joe and Kathy Rogers                                                                       

Mary Roland Groff

Gene Rollinger and Linda Miller

Rick and Lynnette Schulz Anderson                                               

Jim and Bonnie Severson                                                              

Mike and Cindy Sheehan                                                                  

Mary Shreves

Ken and Pat Stofferahn                                                                 

Becky Stombaugh Christianson

Mary Sullivan Weatherwax

Ted and Cheryl Van Anne Underberg                                         

Ann Wallner Thompson

Mike and Darla Werner                                                                      

Dan Wilka

Dick Year 

Mike and LuAnn Zimmer Trudeau                                                  

Pat Evans

Rosemary Dickens

Joe Elkjer

Rick Zimmer

Christy Edwards (guest)