WHS Attendees

Ed and Candy (Cain) Martin • San Antonio, TX

Laura (Davis) Keppen • Sioux Falls, SD

Craig Margulies • Sioux Falls, SD

Nancy Vaughn • Denver, CO

Karen Johnson • Sioux Falls, SD

Pam (Fladmark) Osborne • Eden Valley, MN

Mary (Edenstrom) Young • Hot Springs, AR

Greg and Vicki Bucknell • Redlands, CA

Mike and Laurie (Hansen) Morton • Paradise Valley, AZ

Ron and Lex De Wit • Sioux Falls, SD

Judy (Hofstad) Melham • Cambridge, MN

Tom and Joan (Vilhauer) Zimmer • Anthem, AZ

Kristen and Randy (Eggebraaten) Koob • Sioux Falls, SD

Mark Plagman • Plainfield, IN

Darla (Lambert) Werner • Sioux Falls, SD

Robin (Herrera) Dudley • Shawnee, KS

Michael Anderson • Fountain Hills, AZ

Bruce and Phyllis Thalhuber • Luverne, MN

Hetti (Christensen) Cekalla • Clearwater, MN

Gary and Sue Pekas • Brandon, SD

Jay and Susie Muchow • Kansas City, MO

Lee and Cindy Ellwein • Cold Springs, MN

Doug and Janice (Buie) Weeg • Litchfield Park, AZ

George and Linda (Wiebers) Williams • Rapid City, SD

David Lillehaug • Minneapolis, MN

Sue Funge Bishop • Sioux Falls, SD

Tim & Lori Boldt • Sioux Falls, SD

Charlie Nauen • St Paul, MN

Terry Fischer and Tanna Massar • Boynton Beach, FL

Carol Gjere • Sioux Falls, SD

Ron and Ronda (Fox) Bachman • Billings, MT

Robert and Patricia Fleming • Parker, SD

Don and Susie South • Renner, SD

Laura Greenlee • Asheville, NC

Dan and Brenda (Elmen) Ordal • Sioux Falls, SD

Cheryl Satterlee • Sioux Falls, SD

Coleen (Johnson) Wright • Sioux Falls, SD

Kelly and Debbie (Masters) Krug • Folsom, CA

Bob Suurmeyer • Minneapolis, MN

Dave and Sandy (Paulson) Elofson • Brandon, SD

Kim (Johnson) Ladd • Sioux Falls, SD

David and Janet Kehm • Rapid City, SD

Wendy (Hall) Holm • Mahtowa, MN

Suzanne (Tillema) Felton • Alta, WY

Steve and Shelly Morgan • Sioux Falls, SD (couldn’t attend—stupid Covid!)

Jeff and Katie (Williams) Scherschligt • Sioux Falls, SD

Bill Paradeis • Sioux Falls, SD

Bob and Robin (Dreyer) Mueller • Urbandale, IA

Anson Yeager • Fraser, CO

Kristi (Grevlos) Murtaugh • Gunnison, CO

Doreen (Johnson) Seal • Waconia, MN

David and Shavonne Felix • Greeley, CO

Ray and Terri (Haney) Peterson • St Paul, MN

Bob Blackman • Denver, CO

Greg and Julie Melham • Sioux Falls, SD

Chip and Sue (Walker) Goodsman • Lincoln, NE

Rich and Gail (Fodness) Graber • Sioux Falls, SD

Tom and Rhonda (Neises) Bennett • Sioux Falls, SD

Al White (WHS Class of 1971) • Conway, AR

Robert and Leah (Millis) Moncur • Sioux Falls, SD

Patrick and Diana (Hartle) Garner • Clayton, North Carolina

Kathy (Habeling) Egge • Sioux Falls, SD

Thomas and Carol (Schulte) Esslinger • Sioux Falls, SD

Kim and Jean Johnke • Sioux Falls, SD

Vicky (Hoftiezer) Rowenhorst and Ken Smithey • Sioux Falls, SD

Mark Aaron • Sioux Falls, SD

Dave and Chris Nielsen • Sioux Falls, SD

Jon and Jan (Smith) Shatter • Milford, IA

Michael and Susan (Nichols) Sanderson • Anacortes, WA

Lori (Lawrence) Perkins • Sioux Falls, SD

Merlin and Diane (Larson) Weyer • Spearfish, SD

Edward Wegner • Watertown, SD

William and Dawn Wernisch • Canby, MN

Donna (Bielski) Kabrud • Denver, CO

Greg Gibson • Littleton, CO

Dan Nichols (WHS Class of 1971) • Sioux Falls, SD

Mark and Sandy Wheeldon • Baltic, SD

Bill Wilson • Sioux Falls, SD

Cheryl (Carpenter) Strang • Hartford, SD

Don and Donna Karras • Sioux Falls, SD

Darv and Sharol Hendriks • Sioux Falls, SD

Dave and Mary (Knewel) Wrich • Harrisburg, SD

TJ and Gayle (Tieszen) Reardon • Sioux Falls, SD

Vickie (Leahy) Jacquot • Sioux Falls, SD

Brent and Agnes (Sandvik) Steffens • Sioux Falls, SD

Susan (Mott) Bulley • Freeport, FL

Kathy (Geidl) Kroening • Olathe, KS

Burl and Nancy Jo Watne • Sioux Falls, SD

Steve Olmstead • Glencoe, MN

Mike and Patty (Nesje) OHara • Wausau, WI

Dave and Dawn Plooster • Mt Pleasant, IA

Jim Walker • Overland Park, KS

Kent and Luanne Alberty • Sioux Falls, SD

Deb Soderberg Perkins • Sioux Falls, SD

Lee Ann Knutson • Highlands Ranch, CO

Mike Thompson • Anchorage, AK

Gregg Cady • Novato, CA

Todd and Michele (Irish) Vriesman • Lakewood, CO

Marvin and Gail (Cherrington) O’Hara • Sioux Falls, SD

Ken & Goldie (Lund) Steurwald • Sioux Falls, SD

JoAnn Carlson • Sioux Falls, SD

Luther and Carol Brack • Renner, SD

Daniel Houck • Bullhead City, AZ

Jim & Becky Logue • Elkhorn, NE

Dan and Sharon Parker • Brandon, SD

Peggy (Schroeder) Radford • Peachtree City, GA

Jerry & Karen Jastram • Brookings, SD

Sue (Henrickson) Norberg • Sioux Falls, SD

Chris (Sandvig) Dummermuth • Phoenix, AZ

Rod Anderson • Sioux Falls, SD

Roxanne (Erickson) Halverson • Sioux Falls, SD

Jay Ellwein • Denver, CO

Fred Peters • Sioux Falls, SD

Wayne and Kimberly Wetzbarger • Madison, SD

Paul Blanchar • Sioux Falls, SD

Lana White • Sioux Falls, SD

Gary Lawrence • Lincoln, NE

Cam (Holgate) Hunter • Sioux Falls, SD

Lisa (Ediger) Lutz • Black Earth, WI

Dave and Vicki Eggum ª Northfield, MN

Doug and Stephanie Brockhouse • Sioux Falls, SD

Bob and Cherie Goehring • Baltic, SD

Curt Pochardt • Rapid City, SD

Larry Shafer • Omaha, NE

Kim and Sandy Alberty • West Fargo, ND

Deb (Wendt) Klebanoff • Baltic, SD

David Paulton • Ballwin, MO

Kevin Kirby • Boulder, CO